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Pizza Cut

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PizzaCut is a brand new application to splitt and merge all kind of files.

Anyway, why would anyone want to split a file? If you don’t have idea why, you don’t need for this software,otherwise you can feel free to download PizzaCut which is available in version for Windows and Mac Os.

Why PizzaCut:

  • PizzaCut is Fast
  • PizzaCut is reliable
  • PizzaCut is good-looking

Pizza cut main window

I am quite sure you will find this product to be very useful, so now you can download the fully working version of the application, and pay for it later, in meanwhile you can use PizzaCut without any restrictions.

Using PizzaCut you can split files of any size,and afterwards they can be joined to original file.

Software is fully compatible with other similar applications, so there is no need for same software on other PC.

Help – Help is really unnecessary because PizzaCut’s  intuitive interface doesn’t call for an explanation of how to be used

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