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Extract emails from files

Search email addresses in local files using email extractor

Search for Emails in local files on your computer.
List of local files to search for E-mails – List of files which will be searched for E-mails. Each line must be a valid file name. A line is ignored if not recognized as and valid file.
Add file/files to search list
Add files –  Click to choose one ore more files and add them to the list of files to be searched for emails.
Add files from a folder to search list
File type
Extension of file types to be searched (works the same way as regular Windows find file dialog). So, multiple extensions are allowed and separated with semicolon. For example to search in Text files and Html files use this syntax:
Folder which contains desired files.
Include subfolders – If checked all folders inside “location” folder  will be searched too.
Add files –  Start search for files matching search criteria and add them to the list of files to be searched for emails.
Skip files larger than –  If checked files larger than size specified are ignored.
Don’t search in binary files (images, music, programs…)
If checked search is performed only on files recognized as textual files (such as html files, txt files or any other file containing text readable by a human).
Notice that some of files which main purpose is to deliver text information like pdf, word documents and similar are also binary files (not readable without special software).
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