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Email finder settings

Email Predator settings

Settings related to your internet connection.
Timeout (seconds) – Some sites are too slow or does not exist on the internet (broken links) any more, or the server is down etc…In this cases program will ignore such a site after specified number of seconds. 60 sec is default.
Max threads to run – how many pages to process at the same time (simultaneously). On fast computers with high-speed internet connections increasing number of threads will result in faster search, but on slower connections it can actually slowdown process and even computer. Optimal number of threads is 10.
Identify as –  web server will see the program as one of well known web browsers that you can select here.
Use proxy –  If checked program will connect to the internet via proxy server,if unchecked program connects to the internet directly.
Proxy –  address of the proxy server
Port – port of the proxy server
Proxy username  Proxy password – some proxy servers require username/password to use them.
Your authentication details for sites which require username/password.
Username – username
Passwords – password
Launch mini browser –  Some sites can not be accessed by only providing username/password in the fields above but you must manually log in filling log-in form on web page. To do so launch internal browser, navigate to the site and after logging in close mini browser and continue with search as usual.
Auto save
Auto save results every n minutes
If checked results are saved automatically every n minutes in csv format.
File name represents  Date and Time of search.
Open Auto save folder
Click to open folder containing auto saved results.
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