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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Computer crashed and I lost purchased program.Do I have to purchase again?

A:Not at all,just email me with your reference number,or with email used for purchase and you’ll get download link for licensed version of program.

Q:Is it running on Vista?

A:All programs work under Vista.

Q:It crashes on Vista,Windows 7,8, what can I do?

A:There are some Vista configurations which requires administrator rights to run certain programs.Quick solution to this is running programs with administrator rights like this:
Rightclick program icon and check “run as administrator”

Q:Paying in other currencies

A:On order page You can choose between all important currencies.Choose from drop-down list.

Q:Do I need backup CD?

A:All programs are small so there is no real benefit in paying for backup CD

Q:Do I need extended download service?

A:It can be useful if you lost your licensed program and need to download it again.Of course mail me and I’ll send it to you,but with extended download you have immediate access to download link at any time in 24 months after purchase

Q:Can I get your software  rebranded so i can sell it as my product?

A:Contact us via support contact form

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