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Email Predator

Email predator- build your targeted email list fast


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Email predator-email finder

E-mail predator is a tool to extract e-mail addresses from pages on the Internet.
Compile and extract emails from the web using the URL, list of URL’s or just searching  sites related to your keywords!

It helps  quickly build targeted E-mail list and provides benefits for your business significantly  increases your customer base for E-mail marketing!

Some of the features of  E-mail Predator:

Build it and they will come! I built it and they were not coming.What am I talking about? Traffic to my site. With email marketing being todays most effective way of marketing one would have to be crazy not to use it, however, without email addresses it is not possible. Long story short, after using SuperNova E-Mail finder my list grew 50 fold! It really does work!”

– Tim,www.medicu.com

A Must Have Tool For Targeted E-mail List Building!

  • Multiple filters for searching
  • Export results in different formats (plain text,list,Excel…)
  • Search on pages which are database driven like forums, guest books etc…
  • Much more…

” Email finder is great piece of software – just what I was looking for. ”

– Alex,pet shop owner

Easy To Use : 2 minutes After Download You May Have Hundreds Of Potential Customers E-mails!

Email Predator Screens:

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